Chronological order of our activities

Date Event
Recently Bank account opened with NatWest Bank
2014-2015 Started discussion with different Alumni to form DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK)
08/01/2016 Rahman Jilani was requested to contact with the DUAA
12/01/2016 Rahman Jilani sent an e-mail to one of the members Ms Mahmood of the DUAA intending to form DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK)
28/01/2016 Rahman Jilani then talked to President of DUAA Mr. Raquibuddin Ahmed over phone to allow to form DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK)
03.02.2016 Mr. Raquibuddin Ahmed verbally approve to form DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK)
03.02.2016 Rahman Jilani sent an e-mail to Mr. Raquibuddin Ahmed with a vote of thanks for verbal approval of DUAA in the UK and Ireland chapter in London
05.02.2016 11 members lists of Adhoc committee, headed by Rahman Jilani as a President and Mr. Anwar Kabir Khan as General Secretary sent to DUAA
10.02.2016 Rahman Jilani’s letter of 3rd February 2016 and verbal approval for DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) was discussed in the meeting of DUAA. The EC of DUAA has approved the Adhoc Committee
12.02.2016 Mr. Raquibuddin Ahmed, President of DUAA sent an email confirming the approval
12.02.2016 An e-mail of thanks sent to the President for the approval of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK)
18.02.2016 A press release was sent to different papers.
26.02.2016 News published at different local Bengali newspapers regarding formation of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK)
28.02.2016 DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) was formally launched in London with firm objectives to establish a relationship among the ex-Dhaka University students in the UK & Ireland.
28.02.2016 1st EC meeting was held with a view to form a company by guarantee, designing a website, drafting an membership application form, opening of a Bank Account. Annual membership fee £20.00 Life Member: £200.00

29.02.2016 Website designer was instructed to design a website for DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) under the leadership of Manab Sarker.
01.03.2016 Mr Anwar Khan has arranged to form a company limited by guarantee
03.03.2016 DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) has been incorporated as a company limited by guarantee
17.05.2016 Draft constitution sent to president by Mr. Anwar Khan for amendment and approval;
19.05.2016 2nd EC meeting. Discussed about opening of bank account, Reunion Programme in September 2016
09.06.2016 Part amendment of the draft constitution of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) was proposed by Dr. M A Awal
16.06.2016 3rd EC meeting: Draft constitution discussed and further amendment proposed
21/07/2016 4th EC meeting: draft constitution’s amendment approved by the EC and kept ready for AGM and it’s approval
28/07/2016 1st AGM: amended constitution of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) approved
17.09.2016 5th EC meeting; Bank account discussed. Part web design approved. Hakim was entrusted with looking in to the development of web design.
23.10.2016 6th EC meeting: PayPal account was discussed as it is necessary to pay membership fees on line. Hakim and Manab submitted report on web design. It was discussed and approved
05.11.2016 7th EC meeting: final amendment of constitution, membership collection was discussed. Appointment of new interested and active EC members was also discussed
27.11.2016 2nd AGM: Constitution of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) has been approved.
28.12.2016 DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) website was officially launched for the old students of Dhaka University living and settled in the UK & Ireland.
06.02.2017 A joint meeting of the DUAAUK Executive Committee (Ad Hoc) and Advisory Panel was held in Ilford
06.05.2017 9th EC meeting: A meeting of the DUAAUK executive committee was convened to discuss about the first reunion
26.05.2017 10th EC meeting: DUAAUK working committee meeting
08.07.2017 The reunion was held for the first time under the initiative of 'Dhaka University Alumni Association UK', an organization of former students of Dhaka University living in the UK.
13.01.2018 New Year and 'Alumni Night' were celebrated by Dhaka University Alumni Association UK.
01.07.2018 Baishakhi Mela was organized on the eve of Bengali New Year and there was a performance of Chirkut Band
07.04.2019 "Boishakhi Adda" was a special event organized by DUAAUK on the occasion of Bengali New Year.
07.07.2019 DUAAUK 2nd reunion was held at the Royal Regency Hall in East London.It was the largest gathering of alumni of Dhaka University.
06.12.2019 11th EC Meeting: DUAAUK internal committee meeting
04.01.2020 Exciting Alumni Family Night 2020!
07.01.2020 DUAAUK demanding justice for DU rape victim
21.11.2020 100 Years Celebration of Dhaka University & Grand Reception Ceremony Of Executive Committee
19.12.2020 Victory Day Celebration Tribute to Freedom Fighters & Cultural Show.
20.02.2021 Celebration of International Mother Language Day 2021 by Dhaka University Alumini Association (DUAA) UK.
12.08.2021 An Eid reunion and cultural program was organized at a local restaurant at Dhaka University Alumnae under the initiative of Association UK.
26.03.2022 Celebration of Independence Day 2022 by Dhaka University Alumini Association (DUAA) UK.
12.06.2022 "Baishakhi Utsab 2022" was held at Darji Pavilion.