The Dhaka University Alumni Association in Dhaka was established on the twenty fourth September 1949. The Association was formed as a social club of former students of the University with the objective of promoting the interests of the University and its students. DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD is an extension to enhance the activities to international horizon formed in the year 2016 with the dynamic leadership of Rahman Jilani, the founder President, Anwar Kabir Khan, founder Secretary General and its Executive committee (EC) composed of founding members.


The Alumni Association connects, cultivates and channels the power of alumni to advance themselves and the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.


DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD fosters the good relationship and connects the Alumni living in the UK and Ireland.
We are here to serve the best interest of the Alumni, who were the former students of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, (‘the University”):

  1. To promote the image of the University;
  2. To enhance and promote friendship, cordial relationship, unity and brotherhoods among the former students of the University (‘the Alumni”) residing in the UK and Ireland;
  3. To help and support the Alumni, friends and families;
  4. To raise funds for scholarships to meritorious and poor students;
  5. To organise re-union, seminar, symposium, workshop, exhibition and pleasure trips for the Alumni;
  6. To publish online and other journals, souvenir, booklets etc. for the Alumni;
  7. To organise social, cultural and other national & international events;
  8. To foster friendly relationship with Bangladeshi community and other UK communities to promote our cultural heritage;
  9. To provide voluntary services to promote welfare of the Dhaka University Alumni and other communities in the UK and Ireland.