DUAAUK Organization

Rahman R Jilani PH.D

Rahman R Jilani PH.D is one of the founding members and the President of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (1970-1973) and an MA in Public Administration (1973-1974) at Dhaka University. He also received an MA in Politics from the University of London. He was the deputy warden and Director of Education (1983-2004) at the Universities’ Settlement in East London. He is the founder of the English Speaking Union of Commonwealth in Bangladesh and Founder Executive Director of Sir William Beveridge Foundation UK- an international British Charity having special consultative status of the United Nations. He is a professional social worker from Greenwich University in the UK, a columnist, anchor of a popular TV talk show. He is also a Life Member of Dhaka University Alumni Association and was an active Freedom Fighter in the War of Liberation of Bangladesh.

Dr Abdul Awal

Dr Abdul Awal is serving as Chairman of Betar Bangla 1503 AM, London. He was a Medical doctor, worked for 38 years in National Health Service in the UK. Dr Awal has been involved with many community activities in the past. He served Bangladesh medical association in the UK as Chairman of London branch and as president nationally. He also served a charity called ‘The Friends of Bangladesh’ in the UK as a President for three terms. At present ,he is the chief coordinator of The Friends of Bangladesh for all Bangladeshi Projects. He is also a Founder of another charity called the Noor ORPHANAGE AND EDUCATION CENTER in Bangladesh. As a founding member, he holds the position of the Senior Vice President of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD.

Dr. Mosaddeque Hossain Biswash

Dr. Mosaddeque Hossain Biswash popularly known as Damble Bhai, is a medical practitioner. He completed MBBS in 1981 and the Founding Managing Director of Renaissance Hospital & Research Institute Ltd., Dhaka, Bangladesh. He is also a Fellow of the College of General Practitioners of Bangladesh. Dr. Biswash was the Chairman of Mowlana Bashani Trust and President of Bhasani Medical College & Hospital. Dr. Biswas is a registered graduate of the Dhaka University and the life member of Bangladesh Medical Association and the Vice President of the DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD.

Naheed Nawazesh Roni

Naheed Nawazesh Roni PhD was Associate Professor in the Department of Banking and Insurance at University of Dhaka (1998-2015). She graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance (1992) and a Masters in Banking (1994) from the University of Dhaka. In the UK she has been awarded an MBA with an HSBC talent award in 2007 and an MRes in 2009 from UK universities and has completed her PhD at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2014. She is currently based in Manchester and working at Manchester Metropolitan University. Dr. Roni also has industrial working experience in financial institutions and chartered accounting firms in the UK. She is one of the founding members of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD and serves as Vice President. She is also a member of the British Association of Finance and Accounting (BAFA) and the British Academy of Management (BAM).

Mr. Adhir Ranjan Das (Tanu)

Mr. Adhir Ranjan Das (Tanu): Mr. Das obtained an honours & masters degree in Political Science from DU during 1981-1985. He is the current Vice-President of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD, and also the current President and co-founder of Jagannath Hall (DU) Alumni Association UK. He is an entrepreneur i.e. self-employed businessman in the UK. Moreover, he is actively involved in social work. He has been living in the UK since 1991.

Samir Kumar Das

Samir Kumar Das, Vice President of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD is a Solicitor and director of SKD legal Ltd. He obtained an MA in 1983 from Dhaka University and LLB from the same University and later LLB (Hons) from Wolverhampton University in the UK and an LPC from University of Westminster. Mr. Das was the Convenor of Jagannath Hall Alumni Association UK between 2006 and 2011. He is the co-founder and an executive committee member of Jagannath Hall Alumni association UK. Before he started his practice at SKD Legal Ltd, he was the Principal Solicitor of SD Solicitors, a firm he set up in 2007. He s widely travelled man mainly as a Human Right lawyer. He do charities in the UK and South Asia for the Bangladeshi Community. He also has numerous publications in relation to the Human Rights Issue to International media.

Anwar Kabir Khan

Anwar Kabir Khan LL.M is the Secretary General of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD and a founding member. He obtained his first Masters Degree in Public Administration from the department of Public Administration from the Dhaka University in 1979. He completed MBA from the University of Newcastle, USA in 2003. He is also a law graduate from the University of London and did his Masters of Law from the University of Newcastle in 2009. Mr. Khan was a civil servant of Bangladesh Government (1984 batch). He worked 18 years in different departments of Bangladesh Railway. After completion of his Law degree in the UK, he started his career as a lawyer in the UK. In 2012, he became qualified solicitor of England & Wales. Mr Khan also a prominent social activist involved in charity and community works in the UK.

Md. Abdul Hakim Bhuiyan

Md. Abdul Hakim Bhuiyan is the Organizing Secretary of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. He obtained his Masters degree from the Department of Finance and Banking under the University of Dhaka. He also obtained MBA (major in Finance) from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA) under the University of Dhaka, and Cost and Management Accountancy degree from the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB) and become a Fellow member (FCMA). Mr. Bhuiyan had long career in private and public sector in Bangladesh Power Development Board in Bangladesh. He also served in multinational chemical company based in Germany. Mr. Bhuiyan is in the final stage in Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) in the UK. He was also a faculty member of Jahangir Nagar University teaching supply chain management. At present, Mr Bhuiyan operates two businesses, one in the RMG sector based in London and Kichai IT Services Ltd., in the IT sector in Bangladesh with an ERP software. He is the member of Bangladesh Finance Association, MBA Club Ltd., IBA Alumni Association, and Bangladesh Club Ltd., all are in Dhaka. Mr. Bhuiyan is an accomplished writer and in his spare time he had written and published 3 books.

Mrs. Shamima Begum Matin

Mrs. Shamima Begum Matin, Joint Organising secretary of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. She had obtained her Bachelor (BA honours) in sociology and Masters (MSS) from the university of Dhaka during 1989-1993. She is working in the renowned superstore Sainsbury. She is married with Mostak Ahmed Prodhan Rahman.

Mr. Ajit Saha

Mr. Ajit Saha, Publication Secretary of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD was graduated in 2000 from the Department of Accounting, DU. He joined the finance team of United Leasing Company in Dhaka immediate thereafter. In 2003, Ajit migrated to UK to study Association of Chartered Certified Accountancy (ACCA) course and became an associate member in 2006 and a Fellow Chartered Certified Accountants (FCCA) in 2009. He also completed his Masters degree on Accountancy with finance from London South Bank University in 2009. He gained invaluable experience in Audit, accountancy, taxation & business services through working with different accountancy firms across London. He is the founder principal of a Chartered Certified Firm called Ultimate Accounting & Tax Solutions, based in Barking. He actively volunteers to different London based charities to advise them on their publications, treasury, regulatory and financial compliances. He proudly hosts an educational and knowledge based program on accountancy & taxation called ‘Your Accountant’ in community TV channel. He is also a regular guests on business related community TV shows.

Mahbubur Rahman

Mahbubur Rahman is the Social Welfare Secretary of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. He obtained Honours and Masters Degrees in Psychology, from Dhaka University. He also obtained Post Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management (PGDPM). Moreover he obtained MBA with further qualifications in Health and Social Care from UK. He works as a Group Operation Manager in the private Health and Welfare sector in the areas of high quality care for people with learning disabilities, autism, mental health and challenging behaviors. During his active student life he was involved in the day–to-day running of the several charities and represented Rotary International, District 327/328. He held various positions including Chartered President of Dhaka Mahanagar North West. He is a life member of ex-Rotaract Forum and was also one of the founder members of the European Community –Bangladesh Student Network UK.

Mr. Enam Huq

Mr. Enam Huq is the Treasurer of the DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. He graduated as a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours at the University of Dhaka in 1972. After coming to the UK, Mr. Huq was qualified as a Chartered Accountant in the UK. He also started his real estate business in 1984 and it is successfully operating today. Mr. Huq was an active freedom fighter and was a Zonal Commander of Bangladesh Liberation Front (BLF) in Sector 2.

Shyamal Roy

Shyamal RoyShyamal Roy is the Joint-Treasurer and a Chartered Certified Accountant. He is a Property Tax Advisor. He did his Honors and Masters in Sociology at the University of Dhaka (1994-1999). Mr. Roy was qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2008 from Kaplan and obtained his First Class Honors degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. Mr. Roy has started his career as a banker in Dutch Bangla Bank in Bangladesh. He is now the practice director and the founder of Taxcare Accountancy. Mr. Roy is doing volunteer tax adviser in ‘Tax Help’ vision for older people, and expert help and advice for older people on lower incomes who cannot afford to pay for professional tax advice. Mr. Roy also contributes actively in different community based human rights & charitable organizations. Mr. Roy is a proud member of ACCA since 2012. With over 10 years’ experience as an Accountant and Tax Advisor Mr. Roy regularly writes articles and blogs on different tax issues in the UK.

Bulbul Hasan

Bulbul Hasan is a London based journalist with a particular focus on political issues. He has been working for various print and electronic media with key responsibilities and currently holds the position of ‘Head of Current Affairs’ at ATN Bangla UK. In his Career he interviewed many Head of the Governments, ministers and senior political leaders. Mr. Hasan did his Honors and Masters in English Literature (session 1997-98) from the University of Dhaka. Later on, he completed his second Masters in Media & Communications from the London School of Economics (LSE). Currently, he is doing his PhD research on 1971 Bangladesh War of Independence at King's College London. M. Hasan is a prominent debater having national prizes into his credentials. He served as the President of Bangladesh Debate Federation, the highest debating body of the country for 4 consecutive years. Mr. Hasan is one the founding members of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD.

Mrs. Salma Nasir Dolly Islam

Mrs. Salma Nasir Dolly Islam is one of the founding members and holds MA in Bengali literature in 1968 from Dhaka University followed by an MEd in 1971 and a PGCE from Thames Polytechnic in 1988. She also worked as a lecturer in one of Dhaka's degree colleges and as a freelance journalist for many daily Bengali newspapers. Mrs Islam came to England in 1975 and worked as a teacher until 1982. Through teaching she began to meet Bengali children and worked with them to develop their cultural balance and education. She also worked as a voluntary interpreter and translator for mainstream service providers including the Police and the Health Service. In 2002 Dolly’s ‘Kollyan’ become registered in the UK as a women’s charity organization aiming to work among Bangladeshi women. Dolly Islam is an accomplished writer and in her spare time she has written and published 19 books.

Mrs. Sinthia Das

Mrs. Sinthia Das is currently a member of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. She is a qualified solicitor currently working in the UK and had obtained an honours and masters degree in sociology from DU during 1985-1989, Later she obtained LLB degree from London University. She has been living in the UK since 1993.

Dr. Mohamed Sakel

Dr. Mohamed Sakel, MBBS, MRCP, FRCP, PG Dip RM (UK) is a member of EC Committee completed his MBBS from Dhaka Medical College Hospital under DU in 1991.He has been involved in many organisations including Director cum Consultant on Neuro-rehabilitation since 2003 to East Kent University Hospitals (EKHUFT), Elected Medical Academic Staff Committee, British Medical Association, BMA ( UK) 2012-14, Senior Research Fellow, School of Engineering & Digital Arts, University of Kent (UoK), Senior Lecturer in School of Psychology, UoK, Visiting Professor Neurology, China, ING Committee member in American Congress of Rehab Medicine, Steering Committee member on International Rehab Forum, Global Ambassador of Sir William Beveridge Foundation, Chairman Kent Brain Injury Forum. His name was listed on WHO’s WHO in the World 2010. Alongside leading a large clinical service for East Kent, Dr Sakel leads diverse neurological & technology based health & social care research with partnership of various EU & US & Australasian institutes. He represented NHS for Brain injury Manifesto in House of Lords along with his advisory role for PCT & NHS England. His research grants around 16 million £, numerous international speaking invitations, >40 original publications & >20 completed research projects. He is involved in UK-Bangla collaborative research projects & developing brain injury service in Dhaka.

Kachi Kabir

A life member with the position Joint Organising Secretary obtained an Honours and Masters Degree in Sociology in 1985/1989 from the University of Dhaka. Kachi has been living in the United Kingdom since 1995 and is married with 2 children. A self employed entrepreneur has been successful in a number of business establishments across the UK, Bangladesh and India with number of businesses including SultanPapa. He is the founding chairman of SultanPapa in UK. Kachi Kabir has written a novel, Bijlishikha Dohon Nirontor, which was first published in Ekusher Boi Mela 2017 and a 2nd novel is due at the Ekusher Boi Mela 2018. Kachi is engaged with many charitable events in the UK, raising funds for; UNICEF, Leukaemia Cancer Research, Cardiology Dept in Queens Elizabeth Hospital, Warwickshire County Cricket Club, Bromsgrove High School and funded many more charitable organisations in Bangladesh.

Syeda Saima Ahmed

Syeda Saima Ahmed completed her BA and MA in English Literature (session 2001-02) from the University of Dhaka. She did another masters from King's College London in Public Policy. She is a policy analyst, broadcast journalist, political activist and theatre director based in London with a strong youth leadership background. For over a decade she has closely worked with the community media, hosting her own television talk show and presenting prime time news. She has been elected as the Women's Officer for the Ilford South constituency Labour Party. Saima represented Bangladesh in the International Visitors Leadership Program invited by the United States State Department in 2005. She also served as the United Nations Youth Spokesperson/ Ambassador on MDGs to Bangladesh appointed by the UN Sports for Development and Peace and the then secretary general Kofi Anan. Saima has led a number of successful youth led organisations in Bangladesh and internationally connecting millions of young people. She has represented Dhaka University in national and international debate competitions and have been the joint secretary of Bangladesh Debate Federation (BDF) the central debate platform in Bangladesh. She is also affiliated with Bisshwo Shahitto Kendro (BSK) London as one of the organisers.

Manab Sarker

Manab Sarker is a founder member of DU ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UK (DUAAUK) LTD. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree with Honours and Pre-Masters from the Institute of Social Welfare & Research from the University of Dhaka in 2008-09. He obtained a distance learning qualification in IT, and Health & Social Care in the UK immediate after he came to UK. He has been working with the UK International Charity organisation "Sir William Beveridge Foundation". He's currently doing Micro-Masters Program online in Social Work from the University of Michigan, USA.